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Statistical methods for forest genetic resources analysts

This package provides frequentist and Bayesian statistical tools to build predictive models useful for the breeders, quantitative genetists and forest genetic resources analysts communities. It aims to assess the genetic value of individuals under a number of situations, including spatial autocorrelation, genetic/environment interaction and competition. It is under active development as part of the Trees4Future and ProCoGen projects, particularly developed having forest genetic trials in mind. But can be used for animals or other situations as well.


This will install the latest stable version of breedR. For the latest development version, please refer to the development site


Getting started

library(breedR)             # Load the package
news(package = 'breedR')    # Check the changelog
example('breedR')           # Check-out the basic example
demo(package='breedR')      # Available demos on features
demo('Metagene-spatial')    # Execute some demos

Training workshop materials